1844 Echo Park Avenue | Los Angeles, CA, 90026 | (323) 913-9460

Kat Fillare

Kat has been teaching since 2010. Prior to that, she was a second
degree brown belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, a competitive tower, an
avid hiker and runner. Kat was trained in both East and West Coast
Pilates styles. Kat's classes are geared toward those who want to
work while also having fun.

Kat Fillare instructs the following:
  • Group Reformer Mixed Level
  • All levels welcome. 55-60 minute Pilates workout. Most of the session devoted to work on the spring loaded Pilates machines, but may also include some matwork. This is a mindful full body workout that builds core strength, increases flexibility, improves balance, alignment and coordination. Maximum of 6 students taught by 1 instructor. Small classes allow us to provide individual attention and hands on guidance.

  • Group Reformer/jump board
  • Group reformer class that incorporates using the reformer jump board platform to do a cardio based workout ON the Pilates machine.  The springs on the machine make jumping a lower-impact move than performing the same movements upright.  Not recommended for those new to Pilates classes, during pregnancy, or for those with injuries or chronic health conditions.