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Pilates Classes



Pilates equipment is spring loaded, and designed to assist and support you while you perform exercises that build core strength, increase flexibility, balance and coordination. The equipment assists you while you exercise, and can be used as Physical therapy. All sessions in the Pilates studio are done on the equipment, and may include some Pilates matwork. Our 800 square foot studio is equipped with state-of-the-art Balanced Body Pilates Reformers, Wunda-chairs, Cadillac, spring-boards, and assorted Pilates props.



Pilates Group Sessions


1 hour sessions for 3-6 people, taught by 1 instructor. Numerous sessions available daily, 7 days a week. Because classes are small, you’ll receive hands-on instruction with plenty of attention to the details. This is so important when practicing Pilates.  Please reserve in advance, as spaces are limited.

Group Sessions Levels

Gentle & Focused


All fitness levels welcome to this slower paced class. Emphasis on working a bit slower than other mixed level classes, with attention to individual students needs for modification of movements.

Group Mixed Level


Everyone welcome.  Instructors will offer movement modifications depending on your fitness level.  Beginning and intermediate exercises included.

Group Jump Board


Group reformer class that incorporates using the reformer machine jump board platform to do a cardio based workout ON a Pilates machine.  The springs on the machine make jumping lower-impact than jumping when standing.  Not recommended for beginners, during pregnancy, or those with injuries or chronic health conditions.

Group Intermediate/Advanced


Instruction in the intermediate to advanced Pilates repertoire. You must have prior experience on the reformer, and receive instructor's approval to join.



1 hour 1-on-1 sessions where you’ll focus on your specific needs and goals. This is the optimal way for those new to Pilates to learn Pilates fundamentals and get the most out of their sessions. Privates are also ideal to do during pregnancy, for anyone coping with chronic conditions, or recovering from injury, or other life changing events. They’re excellent for elite athletes, dancers and movement pros in training. They’re a wonderful gift to give to yourself or a loved one. 



1 hour sessions with 1 instructor training 2 people. Partner sessions are fun for couples, friends and family members. Choosing Partner sessions instead of group classes lets you schedule on your preferred day, time, and with the instructor of your choice, depending on their availability.  Mixed level sessions are not a problem.